Middle school

Sixth / Seventh Grade

Every organism – learns and adapts to the world around them. By expanding on our abilities through the year, we expand on the types of situations that we can thrive in… and do it better as well! Lessons in outdoor skills, science, math, reading, writing and history overlap and reinforce one another.

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Language Arts

We focus heavily on reading comprehension and ‘how to’ write. Figurative language is explored through prose, as well as examining different stylistic approaches to writing. Short writing assignments are common.  As the year progresses we work toward longer written assignments related to our science labs and social studies topics. Reading consists of a mix of short stories and books, and numerous activities and projects will stem from them. Competency with book-based tools will also be explored, such as the ability to use a dictionary, thesaurus, or field guide. 


The basics is laid by working with  integers, order of operations, and introductory algebra. As the weather gets colder we explore ratios, proportions, fractions, and decimals. Geometry will emerge early on but be covered more in depth in late Winter as we need to build shelter and design spaces. Graphing, units of measurement, consumer math, and statistics round out the school year tying into our mapping and geology units.



Starting with learning how science and experimentation works in the Fall, we’ll move on to climatology: how weather and climate both shape and are shaped by other factors. Over Winter we’ll explore environmental biodiversity, which leads us into genetics, evolution, and human diversity. In Spring as weather changes it’s back to climate and how the water carbon other world systems interact and the non-biological side of the picture with geology. 

Social Studies

The arc of Social Studies heavily overlaps with Science. Climate pairs with geography, looking at where people live as well as what tools and resources they need to function in different places, We will also head back in time to understand the early spread of humanity in terms of climate and biology. Expect to be covering early humanity and the last Ice Age early in the school year. This will lead us to North and South American peoples, which is covered from prehistoric eras up through European contact as we move from Winter to Spring.


Eighth Grade

Through the course of this year students use bushcraft and outdoor skills to tie together the eighth grade science, math and social studies curriculums.  A series of research projects will help students to demonstrate their learning progress.  

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Social Studies

Eighth grade social studies begins with the geography and indigenous people in the new world.  In later fall we cover European contact in North America and the 13 colonies. By winter we are deep in the revolutionary war.  After winter break we will look at post revolutionary slavery and the civil war. We wrap up Spring looking at modern United States history and political systems. 

Math & Science

We start off with geometry reviewing angles as we build a shelter and outdoor space we will use throughout the year and learning how to lash.  As fall progresses we move into algebra using equations that tie into the newtonian physics we are studying. Before winter break we will use statistics and probability to help increase our understanding of evolution and genetic inheritance.  After winter break we circle back to geometry and graphing as we work on more physics exploring a range of traditional tools like bows, atlatls and traps. We end the year looking at the algebra of time scales as we explore geology. 

Language Arts

Students will continue to improve the quality and clarity of their writing while working with concepts like compare and contrast, poetry, research methods and creating and supporting an argument.